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“I have been practicing psychiatry for 25 years. My vision for the California Neuromodulation Institute is a patient-centered practice that is both evidence-based and innovative, and integrates diverse biomedical and psychosocial interventions to achieve optimal mental health outcomes.”

Dr. Michael Minzenberg is the Director of the program. He is a board certified psychiatrist in the East Bay with considerable expertise in the use of both TMS and psychiatric medications for the treatment of diverse mental health conditions. This includes over 20 years of experience in diverse clinical settings, such as private practice, university hospitals, the VA, community mental health, non-profit agencies, and for-profit acute-care hospitals, with service as Medical Director for 4 programs. He has taught clinical psychiatry, including both TMS and medication management, to psychiatry and primary care residents, medical students, psychology PhD candidates, nurse practitioners and physicians assistants. He also conducted and published clinical/translational research dedicated to understanding how these treatments work in the brain, how to identify patients with the best prospects in treatment, and how psychiatric medications impact clinical outcome during TMS treatment. This work was conducted while he was on the faculty of leading medical schools such as UCSF, UCLA and UC Davis. 

One important area of his interests is how to best integrate TMS with medications. Dr. Minzenberg has also published a primer on TMS that is directed at both prospective patients and referring providers, to aid in understanding the treatment better and what to expect during and after treatment. The general goal of TMS treatment is to help impact symptoms that are not improving with conventional treatments, to enhance one’s well-being and ability to function in life.

Conditions that I commonly treat:


Depression is very common and can take many forms. It is essential to have a thorough evaluation in order to reach an accurate diagnosis, as this will determine how to choose the best treatment of the many that are available. Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) is a special form of depression where individuals do not experience adequate relief with conventional treatments. We can offer these individuals considerable expertise in the use of TMS, esketamine, and medication combinations to achieve better outcomes.

Anxiety Disorders

Anxiety is quite common, and like depression, there are diverse treatments available. We treat individuals with anxiety syndromes such as post-traumatic stress, panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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